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Incense Stick Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealer and Distributor in India

Having been in the industry of incense sticks manufacturing since 1996, Moksh Agarbatti is a name that has earned the respect, good will and faith of its consumers and competitors alike. The Founders, Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Mr. Anand Kumar Ashiya through their hard work, dedication, farsightedness and dynamism made the company into one of the most trusted and popular brands of our times.

The company creates and supplies incense sticks of world class quality that are way ahead of their competitors in terms of quality, fragrance and lasting ability. Each incense stick is created with utmost care with the objective of delivering nothing but the best. Currently offering 35 varieties of incense sticks in different undertones- fruity, floral, oriental, premium, woody, cosmetic, florabatti. Moksh Agarbatti has introduced various novel and unique fragrances such as Swarna Champa, Swarna Gulab , Swarna Mogra , Swarna Lavender, Swarna Kasturi , Swarna Chandan , Akash Phool etc. In 2015, Moksh aims to achieve an annual turnover of Rs. 200 crore, a feat highly impressive and remarkable.

The brand envisions a future wherein every Indian household uses Moksh Agarbattis to make their prayers more pure and divine. Incense sticks not only sanctify your prayers but also uplift your mood, calm you down and even increase concentration. The holistic uses of incense sticks help one live a richer and fuller life which Moksh Agarbatti aspires to achieve.

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